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Private Family Health Insurance plans are designed to cover families. The cost of Family Health Insurance depends on the size of your family as well as the gender, age and health levels of each of the members. DirectHealthInsurance recommends exploring both Family Health Insurance plans as well as Individual Health Insurance plans for each of your family members to determine which option will provide you the best coverage for the least money. To compare Family Health Insurance plans, just enter your zip code, basic health information for you and your family and your contact information and DirectHealthInsurance will provide you with options for which you and your family are eligible. You will also have the opportunity to speak with an agent about your options.

The total costs of Family Health Insurance Plans include:
  • Premiums – The monthly cost of a health insurance plan.
  • Deductibles – The amount you have to pay for the healthcare services you receive before the insurance starts to share the cost of your care. These usually reset yearly.
  • Co-payments – A fixed amount – usually $15 to $25 - that you have to pay anytime you or a family member sees a doctor, gets a test, or seeks any other type of service.
  • Coinsurance – the shared payment that you will be responsible for paying anytime you or a family member seeks care.

Make sure you are aware of what each of these are in a plan when comparing plan options. The amount you will have to pay for Family Health Insurance are those four elements combined. Start comparing Family Health Insurance quotes by entering your zip code in the form above.

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