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Self Employed

Finding Health Insurance is a big concern if you are your own boss. An estimated 42 million people fall into this category and more and more people are choosing to follow their passion or start their own business. is here to help you through the process. Whether you are a Self-Employed freelancer, an independent contractor, a part-time employee or are semi-retired, there are many options for you with regard to health insurance.

After going through the’s easy three-step process, we will show you the plans that fit your needs and offer you the opportunity to speak with an agent about your options. Plans are flexible, affordable and are tailored to the Self-Employed sector.

With the Affordable Care Act, there is more good news for those who are Self Employed. There will be state insurance exchanges through which you will be able to purchase health insurance. will provide you with the rates and plan options that are available through these exchanges. If you have any pre-existing conditions, you’ll still be qualified for affordable policies.

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